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The - o WHAT A SUMMER - Exhibition


While on my PILGRIMAGE to Mecca during NYFW. MY brother EARN MONEY took me to a party in a crazy venue our homie Richard "Mop Top" Furniss worked in, it was incredible, incredibly hot but INCREDIBLE none the less to look @ I was so excited I almost became mystified. I started getting sucked into these microcosms of AWESOMENESS I found my entranced by a broken old television. I literally stared into it for over 30 mins. Finally I took a few pics of it + after smoking some GA$ + GOING through lessons in my head I started tinkering w/ it + said oine day this will be something out of those shots I took 1 of them ended up being the cover for WATERBOYZ surfing for love + This one is the foundation of the
BLK HVNK storyboard!
+ aesthetic

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